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Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia Annual Concert 2018

My new composition Toward the Spirituality(悟靈行)for wind orchestra will be world premiered by the Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia under the baton of the Artistic Director cum Conductor of Dallas Wind Prof. Jerry Junkin.

Concert details:

香港愛樂管樂團周年音樂會2018 Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia Annual Concert 2018

12/5/2018 (六Sat) 8:00pm 荃灣大會堂演藝廳 Auditorium, Tsuen Wan Town Hall

音樂總監及指揮:鍾健教授 Music Director & Conductor : Prof. Jerry Junkin

低音號獨奏: 比利亞魯維亞教授 Tuba Soloist : Prof. Charles Villarrubia

---------------------------------------------------- 節目包括: Programme Includes:

悟靈​​​行【世界首演📣】- 梁智軒 Toward the Spirituality【WORLD PREMIERE📣】- Leung Chi-hin (香港愛樂管樂團委約作品 Commissioned work by Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia)

密西西比河的倒影,為大號及交響樂團而作 - 多爾蒂 Reflections on the Mississippi for Tuba and Orchestra - Michael Daugherty

遷移:第二交響曲【香港首演🇭🇰】- 勛伯格 Migration: Symphony No.2【HK PREMIERE🇭🇰】- Adam Schoenberg

共鳴 I - 尼爾森 Resonances I - Ron Nelson

---------------------------------------------------- 票價 Price: $250, $200, $160 (*$125, $100, $80) *全日制學生、長者60歲或以上高齡人士、殘疾人士及看護人可獲半價優惠 *Half-price tickets available for full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above and people with disabilities and the minder

網上購票 URBTIX internet ticketing:

票務查詢 ticketing enquiries: 3761 6661 信用咭電話購票熱線 Credit card telephone booking: 2111 5999

節目查詢 Programme enquiries: 2468 4597

香港愛樂管樂團保留更改節目及表演者之權利 Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia reserves the rights to change the programs and artists

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