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World Premiere of "Toward the Spirituality"

Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia Annual Concert 2018 was a great success! My heartfelt thanks to maestro Jerry Junkin for performing “Toward the Spirituality”! It was a marvellous première under his directions. Thanks you for giving me this opportunity to write for HKWP, founder of HKWP Mr Victor Tam!

The premiere will never success without the excellent professional musicians. Thanks for their effort in rehearsing the piece, Mr Kelvin Ngai, Ms Lam Ka Yan, Mr Richard Fong, Mr Man Kwun Chung, Ms ManSze Tsang, Mr Choy Lap Tak, Ms HO Ming-yan, Mr Ivan KH Yeung, Mr Kwok Man Ho... and all HKWP!

Many thanks to my teachers and friends who always support me, DrSheung-Ping Lai, Dr LoSamuel, Hanson, Louis, Kwan E, Wai Ki, Suki and many...!

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